By Grace Gray


The Lipizzan breed of horse is truly spectacular and whilst I was scrolling through the list of horse breeds to write about, this one really jumped out at me! Their stunning grey coats and incredible ability to perform most of the classical dressage movements such as the Levade, Courbette, Mezair, Croupade and Capriole are just a couple of the things that make this breed stand out!


The breed was foundered with the help of the Habsburg nobility and dates back to approximately 1850 when they were produced using careful selective breeding for use during war and then eventually as horses to be used at the Spanish riding schools.


Despite historically having a large range of coat colours, the Lipizzan now has a dominant grey coat colour as selective breeding over many years has ensured this and they are generally about 16.1hh.


These days Lipizzans are still used in Spanish riding schools and also as work horses, endurance horses and much more!

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