By Grace Gray.

The Arabian horse is a fascinating and well known breed of horse throughout the world.

Known particularly for their high-arched necks and dished faces, Arabians are one of the most elegant breeds of horses.

These horses have existed for approximately 5000 years and were one of the first domestic breeds.

They were bred in the Arabian Peninsula by a desert tribe called the Bedouins so that they could be used for war.

Because of the dry climate the Arabian was bred and ridden in, they developed a hardiness which is often shown in the breed today.

These days Arabians are most commonly used as endurance horses due to their stamina and ability to handle intense heat and rough terrain.

Although endurance is their main known discipline, they also excel in many other disciplines including showing, dressage, show jumping and eventing.

As mentioned before, the Arabian horse has a high arched neck and dished face, but what else is special about them?

The Arabian has one less vertebrae than most other horses, and one less pair of ribs!

Arabians also have black skin under their coats which helped to protect them from the sun when they lived in the desert.

Arabians generally grow from 14hh-15hh and are commonly bay, chestnut or grey, although they do come in many more colours.

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