By Grace Gray.

The Falabella miniature horse is definitely one of the cutest horse breeds in existence. Famous for being one of smallest horse breeds in the world, Falabellas stand an average of eight hands high!

The breed originated in Argentina in the nineteenth century by Patrick Newtall due to his intention to create a small pony with a conformation similar to a horse.

Newtall later passed his knowledge on to his son-in-law Juan Falabella to continue the breeding program and eventually Juan passed his knowledge onto his own son, hence the breed’s name.

Falabellas come in a large range of colours. Due to their intelligence and ability to learn new things quickly they are not the cheapest of horses. These horses also have a lifespan of up to 45 years and therefore make the perfect lifetime companion!

A unique feature of the Falabella is that they have 17 vertebrae instead of eighteen, and at least one less pair of ribs.

Although these wee horses aren’t your typical sport or working horse, they have their uses. They are quite strong, so can be driven with small carts. They can also be ridden by children up to eight years old, but are also fit for the show ring and free jumping up to three feet.


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