How good is daylight savings? I’m enjoying have that extra bit of light to get out and work both my horses. Poppy has just come back into work and has been ridden twice, Gordy who I still have has just started some groundwork. Poor Gordy hasn’t had a very good time! He did get rehomed but it didn’t work out and he came back to me with trust issues. I couldn’t catch him, and couldn’t get near him around feed. This week I covered him while he was eating his dinner! Such an awesome feeling to see the process of building trust actually working and him starting to let me do all sorts to him. Today he will get the saddle on and we will start the ridden process again. Very slowly but slowly is his style and mine so that doesn’t bother me. He is for sale too if anyone wants a project. Like I said earlier Poppy has just started to come into work and I have Jess helping me again which is great! Over the winter I kept up with my riding lessons on a quiet horse at the riding school and wow my confidence around trotting is more than 70% better than it was last season. Definitely worth it. I am even at the stage with my lessons where I am pretty comfortable with cantering which is a massive deal for me. I have also decided I need some goals for this showing season and I have come up with the following – a show with cantering with Poppy before the end of the season – learn to cope when Poppy is naughty and not just get off – go to the beach and forest – good behaviour at the inhand a&ps – enter chch a&p ridden in 2018

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