The newly-established Dressage Academy is welcoming one of New Zealand’s equestrian icons to the team. Bill Noble, a cornerstone of dressage in this country, is now a selector for the academy.

“Bill will be a huge asset to the Academy,” says Nicholls. “We are delighted to have him on board.”

Noble needs little introduction, with an impressive list of accomplishments including five Horse of the Year titles on three different horses, is the only rider to have won three consecutive Dressage Horse of the Year crowns and just this year was inducted into the Horse of the Year Hall of Fame.

Over the years the Waikato rider, coach and mentor has worked with many riders both in New Zealand and the UK, including Sir Mark Todd when he won gold at the Seoul Olympics. He has long been a believer in the quality of New Zealand horses, whilst being an advocate for people learning to ride them a little better.

The Dressage Academy was launched in June 2016 and has quickly attracted the attention of potential students, sponsors and supporters. Students lucky enough to be selected will spend at least five years immersed in training giving them the foundation to be top riders, trainers and coaches.

In addition to providing the immersive experience for selected students, the Dressage Academy will also promote and offer education to amateur dressage riders and to the wider equestrian sport in general.

The Dressage Academy is in the final stages of obtaining charity status and will then begin formal fundraising.

There will be announcements in the near future for what will be the first of many events. Proceeds raised at these events will go to the Dressage Academy. First up will be The Horse’s Back, Performance and Therapy with Nicolett Geldermann (Living Anatomy of the Horse) and Guy Alexander (Specialist Equine Surgeon) in Canterbury. Tina Field of Prydes Easifeeds will also be running The Truth About Feeding Horses- Equine Nutrition Demystified in Canterbury.

Keep an eye out on the Dressage Academy website for more information on these and other events.

For more information about being a rider, sponsor, or benefactor, head to

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