Now; I have promised more news about things getting more serious in my schooling; but first lets talk about sugar cubes (otherwise known as horse gold)!

I have managed to get Tony wrapped around my little finger when dealing with sugar, mind you; most of the mares (especially Franny and Vinny), have done this too.

Stand still whilst he tacks me up – sugar!

Stand still at the mounting block while he tries to get on me – sugar!

End of the schooling when I halted at X – sugar! (I must admit I stop and whip my head around so quickly I think Tony will end up flying off the front at some point – I hope someone gets it on camera).

Also, whenever Tony says “well done” I usually “try it on’ to see if I get a sugar then too.

Sadly I have found the flaw in the plan, and this has led to things getting more serious…and this concerns Sophie!

Sophie, is a bit less of a walkover when it comes to sugar…Women! (as Tony would say).

I actually have to work to get a sugar…and what is more concerning is that I have to do movements correctly (sigh).

Worse; Sophie keeps adding in more and more weird stuff involving all sorts of gesticulations of my limbs.

We are doing all sorts of weird things like walk, trot and cantering in “teeny tiny” circles – Sophie calls them “pirouettes”.

Worse; we are now starting skipping! SKIPPING… what next?

Sophie tries to make skipping seem important by calling it “changes”.

The final insult is that I have a tendency to do trotting on the spot when I get excited and Sophie has made me do this a few times in the field; something called piffpaff and she gets quite excited about it…this was my party piece and I am sure she is going to take all the credit for it (sigh).

Anyhow; if all this carries on; i’ll be wearing a tutu and doing Swan Lake next (I will be lodging a complaint with management about this)!

I am so NOT a princess and I will be keeping you updated on this most ungentlemanly like behavior as it progresses.

As for Tony; he has been trying to learn the difference between power and speed.

I don’t know what the problem is… speed means “go for it” and I expect Tony to hang on as I zooooooom around the school;  and power is something I hold am kinda hiding for when my cart arrives (Bugs keeps saying I should be pulling one; so I think one is coming soon’ish and I will need my strength).

Poor Tony has no idea; and just resorts to “pram pushing” (according to Bugs) no matter what I do anyhow; as you can see…


The only silver cloud is that as Tony is barely, STILL, getting the correct diagonal; he will not  be involved in any of the “clever” training Sophie is making me do for quite a while; small mercies!

Anyhow, keep your feet on the grass and your head in the clouds people.


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