Hells Bells: My first “Outing”

Hi Fans,
My teeth were falling out!! I was literally falling apart (I strongly suspected Tony’s bad riding immediately). I attempted to tell Tony this by standing on his foot (this, of course, being horse talk for most things when you have annoyed us). All this seemed to do was cause his arms to flap about and then he proceeded to hop around the yard, repeating “french!”.
You would think humans would take the time to find out all about us horses; after all you make better staff for us that way and we may behave far better.
Anyhow, back to my teeth. This horrendous teeth condition was accompanied by pain and not pain that I could eliminate by biting BK’s rug (the remedy for most things in the field). So, I tried desperate measures… I sneaked up behind BK and munched on his tail.
As usual; I had not thought this through (which could be because I have about as much self control as Tony) and by the next morning BK had barely¬†any tail left. I, of course, put my “it wasn’t me” face on (I am getting very good at this one).
Suspicion was deflected to JK (John Key)…unfortunately, after some investigation, it was found JK was not even in Christchurch that night, so suspicion fell back on me and, with a few strands of tail hanging from the side of my mouth, I was busted.
All I can say, in my defense, is that if someone lets their tail be eaten then they deserve to have it chewed off.
Next up was more of this schooling stuff…LOTS of it (thankfully not by Tony; but more of that later…).
This schooling led to “road trips” called an “outing”. To my shock this “outing” was NOT to Uncle Berts, but was, in fact a much longer trip to somewhere called “Mac lanes”.
On arrival…oh my God! LOTS MORE friends to say “Hi” to! As I was coming out of Box the excitement overwhelmed me, hooves were flailing in all directions, and I proceeded to tow Tony straight off to see some of these new friends. So much for this plan- as the shock and awe on the faces of the so called friends caused me to stop in my tracks and allowed Tony to get up off the floor. As Tony says (but doesn’t actually do), most days, “I need to go to the gym”. Look- it’s not that I am big; I am just big boned you know…
So, plan B, Tony tried to tie me to box but I was having none of it; I was here to be the centre of attention (or else why would I be there) and I was going to be just that. I managed to tip over the table twice and a few chairs before Bugs told Tony in quite a high voice to “take me away”. This, I assumed, was code for “let’s go meet everyone” so off I went again around to see all the other horses, but this time at a more sedate pace.
Tony finally got me back to Box, out came the tack and Sophie clambered on top of me. I got poked and prodded and ended up at another sand pit and got schooled again.
I really don’t get why this sand pit was any different from the one at home, but I obliged as I was interested to see where this was leading. Finished! But no… I am poked and prodded into yet another sand pit (it must be a human, and cat, thing to like these sand pits) and this time I had an audience, so time to SSSSsssssTRUT!
That went well, and I think I impressed everyone, so off we went back to Box. After a quick wash, and some gesticulations from Sophie and Bugs (something to do with staring at something in their hands) it came to load time. This had been a great outing and I am sure there are a few friends I had not managed to meet yet so I planted my feet firmly in the grass and would not budge (he he) But then…they bought out FOOD! The next minute my mouth, and the rest of me that follows, was in Box and heading home.
And now things have not got even more serious! but that’s for next months update.

Anyhow, keep your feet on the grass and your head in the clouds people.


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