Hello fans,

I, Hells Bells (or Stopkicking when I am in the stable it seems!), have decided to start a blog so, if you are interested, you can share my life with me…

I am already quite famous- I appeared in a well known New Zealand magazine as a foal.

I have a field mate called BK. He is kind of cool and laid back and he taught to me to run to the gate when any human shows up as they probably have food! Thanks to him I just get so excited about food that I always forget that after the food comes some sort of work! I must admit it was funny, as a youngster, having Tony run round the field with rope, after me, but he can thank me for losing so much weight!

I have other friends at the yard that I will talk about later including Vinny, who thinks she owns the place, and a princess called NoFranny! who I think does own the place as everyone is always running around after her and calling her name very loudly. When she appears in the stables everyone seems to do exactly what she wants. I keep well clear of her as us blokes always say the wrong thing and I don’t want to be on the wrong side of her. Fortunately she stays up in the top yard with all the other girls who seem to do all the girly prancing in the school.

Life here is great. My staff are quite proficient; I’m rugged when it is cold and wet, I have hay delivered when the grass is hiding from me- I even have my staff fetch me into my lovely dry, warm stable most days so I can eat my special food, sleep and deposit my droppings into the poo catching bucket (I think Tony calls it an automatic waterer) in the corner. I know Brenda can’t wait to scoop out the poo for her plants; so I try very hard to save as much as I can and leave it for her.

But then things changed for the worse soon after my third birthday…

First of all I had to suffer the indignity of being stuffed in the back of a box on wheels and then taken to Uncle Berts. Then it got worse- I had Sophie, one of my own staff members, actually sit on my back, poking me. HOW HUMILIATING!

I didn’t think this silly poking and prodding would last but, to my horror, things have got worse…


This is something that should be avoided at all costs… but I have found a way to minimise this affront to my dignity. Now when I have had my morning sleep in my stable, frequently rudely interrupted by NoFranny! stomping about, I have to then stay on the floor and snore as loud as horsely possible, pretending to be asleep, in the hope that I am overlooked when it comes to my turn to have schooling.

If I can keep this up for a few hours, or at least until, NoFranny! has gone into the school, then I know I will be put back into my field and be safe for the rest of the day. However; if the staff see, for a moment, that I am not actually asleep then that’s it…game over…schooling!

The highlight of the month, however, was when Tony, whom occasionally sits on my back and makes everyone in the yard laugh (I assume it’s at him!), decided to move me and BK to another field whilst he and Zippy moved the irrigator into our field. All was going well until we were attacked by NoFranny! when she saw us moving towards her field. BK and I had to escape the night-mare very quickly! Tony, at this stage was being towed behind me and BK into the intended field and what came out of his mouth cannot be repeated in polite company. Tony finally managed to get BK loose but it took a few turns around the field with Tony grass skiing until I finally let him unclip me.

Tony was very cross with NoFranny! but again I don’t want to repeat that French here.

I don’t know what Grand Prix means… Tony keeps telling me my daddy was Grand Prix, but Brugs called Tony a Grand Prix when she came out to see that the commotion was in the paddock.

Anyhow… Keep your feet on the grass and your head in the clouds.


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