This month we focus on a wicked breed of pony – The Connemara! This breed caught my eye due to it’s striking coat colour and generally adorable looks and therefore I couldn’t resist to research and find out a whole lot more about these beauties!


The Connemara is native to Ireland, having supposedly originated in the West Coast of Ireland in 1588. According to this theory the breed was formed by the Andalusian horses, who were let loose in by the Spanish Sailors, breeding with the wild Scandinavian ponies on the Connemara mountains. However, people also believe the Celts developed the Connemara breed through breeding the vikings Scandinavian ponies. Despite the breed originating many years ago the official breeders society wasn’t formed until 1923.


The height of the Connemara pony is an average of 14.2hh and they most commonly have a grey or dun coat, although they can also have a brown, bay or black coat. They have a sturdy conformation with a great temperament and therefore were great riding and cart ponies in history and excel in many disciplines today including dressage, jumping, pleasure riding and much, much more!

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