By Yvette Morrissey.

If today’s weather was a dressage test, it would score a ten.

Today riders and spectators slapped on the sunscreen after we were blessed with clear blue, sunny skies and a high of 21.

One of the biggest events on today was the Lady Rider of the Year. Katie Laurie added a fifth crown to her cabinet today after a nail-biting jump-off, aboard Dunstan Springfield.

In second place was Lucy Akers and Tinapai, who unfortunately had a rail down during the first round on the last fence.

Katie Laurie- 2016 Lady Rider of the Year.

Katie Laurie- 2016 Lady Rider of the Year.

The Level 5 Musical Freestyle was breathtaking. There was a slight hick-up with the sound system, however when that was resolved things ran a lot smoother from then on.

Sophie de Clifford and Ashanti were crowned the Level 5 Dressage Horse of the Year Champions after winning the musical freestyle with 73.1%.

Julie Flintoff and Belladonna MH were second, with 70.8%.


This year there are over 400 volunteers doing a fantastic job of stewarding, picking up jumping poles, manning gates and much more.

I became familiar with a few of the volunteers and I was impressed to see all were working extremely hard and had smiles on their face the entire time.

What was also great to see was that they were taking their jobs seriously. Every volunteer I passed made sure to check I had a car pass, that I was wearing my lanyard and that I knew where to park my car.

Some people in front of me were told to turn around because they were trying to go in a gate their wrist band didn’t allow them to go into, and there were some grumbles, but what would HOY be like without volunteers? Just think about that for a minute. At the end of the day there are procedures in place for a reason, the number one reason usually boiling down to safety for the horses, riders, and spectators.

So if you are at HOY over the next few days, why not express your appreciation to the volunteers by gifting a small token- be it a coffee or just saying thank you.

With weather forecasted to reach the high 20’s for the remaining days at HOY, I am sure the volunteers would appreciate a cool drink!

A full list of results are available on Equestrian Entries

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