This month we take a look at a rather unique and rare breed of horse – the Marwari! Marwari horses are distinctive due to their inwards curved ears but also have so many other awesome physical features and traits.


The Marwari horse is native to India, being used originally as a warhorse due to their exceptional hearing skilling and hardiness, allowing them to withstand hot and tough working conditions.


Marwari horses are approximately 15hh, but despite being relatively small horses they are incredibly hardy with excellent stamina! They have a much more diverse amount of common coat colours than most horses, with phenotypes of Bay, Chestnut, Dun, Grey, Skewbald and Piebald all being expressed within the Marwari breed. The most distinctive feature of the Marwari horse however is their inwards curved ears, as stated above, making them very unique and beautiful!


Marwari’s used to be used as warhorses in India however they’ve adapted to suit a diverse range of disciplines including endurance riding (perfect due to their excellent stamina), dressage, jumping, barrel racing and much, much more – their loyalty and bravery makes them exceptional in any discipline!

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