We all want the best for our equines, but sometimes it is very easy to slip into a routine and forget about our key goal: to ensure our horse is as happy and healthy as possible! Here are 10 things you can do to ensure your horse is happy in his body, mind and spirit.

1) Summer is inching closer! Aim to ride in the morning or early evening when it is cooler and there are less flies around to annoy your horse.

2) Give your horse a iodine bath. Iodine helps prevent unwanted skin conditions and adds shine to your horses coat. It is also great for mud fever and clearing other skin conditions.

3) Buy your horse a bag of treats, stow a few in the pockets of your jodhpurs and encourage your horse to stretch his neck to each of his shoulders by holding the treat next to them.

4) Ensure your horse always has access to grass or hay and a fresh supply of water. That means giving your trough a good scrub!

5) Horses need friends too. Take your horse out for a hack with a friend and their horse, or turn your horse other with another, rugs off, and let them have a good scratch!

6) Let your horse be a horse and take his rugs off on the warmer days. Who cares if it’s show

7) Give your horse a massage or reiki treatment. They will love you for it! You could even win a massage for your horse by visiting page 17 of this month’s issue of Equine Online!

8) Is your horse looking bored in his paddock? Give him something to do. Buy him a mineral or salt lick. There are plenty of horse balls and toys on the market to keep boredom at bay.

9) Muck out your paddocks daily to reduce the amount of flies from irritating your horse. You can also add garlic powder to your horses hard feed or water to help repel flies.

10) Do something fun that you wouldn’t usually do. Are you a dressage rider? Take your horse over a few jumps! Show jumper? Why not give a cross country course a try. Trips to the beach or hacking are also a great way to mix things up.

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