By Yvette Morrissey.

It has been great to hear so much positive feedback from the first issue. One of our goals at Equine Online is to celebrate the New Zealand equestrian in all shapes and forms.

You might enjoy the Sunday hack, or be preparing your horse for the highest levels of competition. You might ride Western, English, or not even ride at all, but every equestrian lover has one thing in common; we all experienced that moment when we fell in love with horses.

The first horse I ever sat on was an old ex-racehorse called Buddy. It was very unglamorous- I’d borrowed a riding helmet, and my gumboots continued to slip off my feet as I sat atop the gangly, but incredibly sweet bay. I didn’t care what his breeding, age, conformation, or experience was- he was a horse and I was sitting on him!

From that day, I begged my parents for riding lessons. I didn’t have goals to compete, or to be a great horse rider, I just wanted to be around horses. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the negatives- you might not be able to nail that leg yield or your horse may have been an absolute terror at your last show. However, I bet if you asked your younger self if it mattered- the one who just sat on a horse for the very first time- the answer would be no.

So whenever things aren’t going quite right, I challenge you to think about that young girl or boy (or hey, you may have recently started riding as an adult!) and the joy you experienced from your very first ride. I’m sure this will put you in a positive frame of mind which will help you to eventually nail that leg yield!

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